About Dr. Debbie

Dr. Debbie’s greatest passion in life is teaching people how to empower their lives through natural healing and nutrition.  From a very early age, she fell in love with looking at cells under microscopes and was mesmerized by their form, function, and how energy and nutrition affected them.  All throughout her childhood, Dr. Debbie watched her mother’s heart-breaking health struggle as she went from doctor after doctor with no healing answers or success.  As a result, at the age of 9, Dr. Debbie picked up her first natural healing book to find healing answers and hope.   

Healing Journey
Dr. Debbie’s great love and passion in natural medicine has not just come from books and academia.  She has experienced and overcome several serious and life-altering health conditions using nutritional biochemistry, energy medicine, functional neurology, and chiropractic medicine.   EVERY time Dr. Debbie was given a diagnosis and was told there was “nothing she could do about it,” she took her great love of natural healing and biochemistry and went straight to her extensive library of natural healing books. From there she dove deep into the scientific literature and research to find her own healing answers and the science to back them up. As a result of these experiences Dr. Debbie has great empathy for any one that is suffering and struggling with their physical or emotional health and is deeply committed to helping people find healing answers to any difficult health situation.  
Dr. Debbie's own search for healing has spanned many different genres of natural healing and natural medicine.  Although she has a great love and respect for the clinical sciences and clinical research, her own healing journey led her to seek healing answers far from the traditional healing path.  As a result, Dr. Debbie is also well-versed in many areas of the healing arts including mind-body-spirit medicine, shamanism, metaphysical healing, and several different forms of energy medicine.  

Academic Credentials 
Doctor of Chiropractic Degree - National University of Health Sciences
Certified in Acupuncture - National University of Health Sciences
Masters Degree in Human Nutrition - University of Bridgeport
3 Bachelor Degrees - Biochemistry, Psychology, and Health Promotion - Eckerd College 

Academic Experience
Dr. Debbie has always loved school, books, and learning.  She graduated with a triple major from Eckerd College in Biochemistry, Psychology, and Health Promotion. During her college years, she spent summers doing research in nutritional biochemistry, botanicals, and computational chemistry with her professors at Eckerd College.  Dr. Debbie great love and admiration of her teachers and coaches led her to spend 12-years in the public school system teaching science and coaching cross country.  During that time she empowered many students, including those that struggled with learning disabilities, to succeed personally and academically.  During her teaching years, Dr. Debbie pursued her masters degree in human nutrition at the University of Bridgeport and completed several preceptorships with mentors in the areas of functional medicine and nutritional biochemistry.  She also had a small clinical nutrition practice at Renew Life Wellness, where she helped many people reverse negative health conditions and embrace more vibrant health.

​Although the knowledge obtained while pursuing her academic degrees has been valuable, Dr. Debbies most treasured and useful knowledge has come from reading thousands of books and research articles while on her own quest for healing.  

Athletic Experience
Dr. Debbie has always had a great love of athletics and the form and movement of the human body.  In high school she received 11 Varsity letters in volleyball, softball, basketball, swimming, and cross-country.  Dr. Debbie also was Charlotte County's second female basketball player to score 1,000 points in her high school career.  She also was featured on the news several times, once as WINK News
 student athlete of the week.  In college, Dr. Debbie played Division 2 basketball and ran on the cross country team.  

Personal Info
On a more personal note, Dr. Debbie loves kitty cats, books, writing, playing guitar, singing, and the beach. She has a great passion for studying the brain, energy medicine, and metaphysics.  Dr. Debbie has always had a great love of science and science education. She still has that quirky, fun, silly science teacher flair which sometimes comes out in her workshops and health and wellness videos on her YouTube channel.  Dr. Debbie also greatly enjoys spending quality time with her two nieces and her beloved 17 year-old kitty named Cuddles.  She also enjoys serving her community and strongly believes in service from the heart.