Wellness Consultation

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Wellness Consultation Information


The comprehensive wellness consultation that I offer consists of two 60-90 minute sessions that takes place on two separate days.  


First 60-90 Minute Session

This session is focused on understanding what root causes are contributing to any symptoms of imbalances that are showing up in your body, brain, and/or emotions.  My assessment process is very thorough and comprehensive and takes into account your unique biochemistry, lifestyle, energy systems, and personal approach to health. 


Included In The First 60-90 minute Session

  1. Full metabolic and brain functional medicine assessment
  2. Full nutritional assessment.
  3. Being Tested with 3 Different Forms of Muscle Testing (Nutrition Response Testing, Functional Bio-analysis, and Precise Frequency Vials.)
  4. Depending on metaphysical beliefs, intuitive information that impacts overall health can also be used as valuable input during the consultation.  (This adds precision to my work and helps identify any emotional or subconscious blocks to healing or embracing wellness alignment.)
  5. Review of any previous lab reports


Second 60-90 Minute Session

This session in focused on reviewing your system summary report and your one month action plan focused on optimizing your health and overall function.  This session also involves supplement muscle testing and the building of a very precise nutritional protocol based on your unique cellular needs and energetics.


Included In The Second 60-90 Minute Session

  1. Review of system summary report. (This report is a summary of your intake questionnaires, previous consultation with me, and our muscle testing results.)
  2. Thorough review of the cellular, neurological, or energetic imbalances that are causing your symptoms. This review is greatly beneficial in understanding why your symptoms are occurring and how best to align them.
  3. Precise nutritional protocol built uniquely for your body and cellular needs. (Muscle testing techniques are utilized to build you an extremely precise nutritional/supplement protocol.)
  4. If additional lab testing is needed, it will be recommended and possibly ordered at this time. (If you want to include lab testing as part of the health assessment and monitoring process.)


After Your Second Wellness Consult, You Will Leave With:

  1. A wellness system summary that indicates which body systems and areas are struggling and their level of function.
  2. A precise 1 month wellness action plan designed specifically for your level of wellness, your lifestyle, and your health goals.
  3. An educational folder with awesome health handouts for reference and more in depth understanding of your cells, body, and foundational nutritional principles.
  4. (Your Supplement Protocol Layout is emailed to you after our final muscle testing assessment)


I charge $495 for a full wellness consult (which includes the 2 sessions listed above.)

 If you have any questions about any of the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

I look forward to seeing you soon!



Dr. Debbie